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Data Wave Light Transmission

This will be a deep dive, in-depth, intuitive energy reading ~ 90mins

  • 1 30 min
  • 98 British pounds
  • Location 1


Intergalactic Soul Coach This will be a deep dive, in-depth, intuitive energy reading As a highly sensitive empath, I have access to higher consciousness and the ability to connect with your Higher-self ,Soul-self and Spirit guides as well as your current energy field. I am able to, as a facilitator of change, and portal for Divine Magick & Energy, connect with Ancient Wisdom of the highest order, the Celestial and Angelic realms, the Fae, Nature spirits, Mother Earth and the Divine Mother energies, Ascended Masters, Dragons, Interdimensional beings, and other peoples energy fields and higher selves and sometimes past loved ones can come through with messages too! I am able to pull in information that will be of your highest good and most beneficial on your current life journey here on Earth at this current time stream. I have had the ability to connect with others on a very deep level all my life. I now use this natural ability to help guide others onto their highest path, and connect with their highest and truest potential. If you are feeling lost, confused, or in need of some Divine guidance, then let me be a Divine guide for you and guide you back to your true self once more! This reading is available over the phone, face to face via skype or discord. Or I can type up the information that comes through and send it to you via email, or make into a pdf file for you, and send it to you. Once purchased we will open communication, and establish the best time and date for your reading, and how it is to be done! Be well beautiful Soul and I look forward to connecting with you very soon Sending Lots of Love your way Nayalla🌻


  • GB- , GBR

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